What happens when you are on a sunny island in the middle of the Carribean, drinking Rum for ages and  suddenly realise that it is time for a change. We presume you know the feeling.


The man who made these reflections is called Yadiel, 55 years old and his whole life living in Punta Cana,  Dominican Republic. Back home he started to mix and mix and mix and after asking some of his friends they decided to use whiskey as a base for something completely different. A drink which combines the best of whiskey with the sweet taste and smell of the Carribean. 


We will spare you the details of how the outcome of these reflections of one single man, now as a result, is bottled and available throughout the world and just one step away for you to enjoy. 


We are sure that you will exactly understand what Yadiel was imagining when you take your first sip of 5 o’clock old oak Peanut Butter Whiskey. And be assured, you also taste this when you continue drinking...